About me


My name is Olof Collvik and I'm an artist...

I am self-taught and has been painting on and off all my life. Unfortunately, there have been more long off than on periods but now I devote a few hours a day to this. My painting is combined with family life, so most of the time I sit late in the evening and into the night and paint. Luckily, I have a low need for sleep. 


My inspiration and the techniques I use.

I find the animal kingdom and nature soothing so it feels natural that my inspiration comes from there. As an artist, I like to give the details much attention, which probably shows in my work. I strive to approach the mix of abstract and realism, and I give myself many exercises in this. I draw sometimes but most of the time I paint with Acrylics, and I use the three primary colors and white, exclusively. All colors in the world can be made using only these three colors so why make life more complicated than it already is. Simple and wonderful!

The reason I started painting again.

Christmas 2014 was something of a turning point. Stuck on my friends' fridge was a note with lots of quotes about life. Normally I scoff at such nonsense but there was something about this that gave me no peace. Words are really dangerous when they come in such an attack. Eight months later during the same friends' wedding I met some very inspiring people and after a fun conversation with them, I knew that I had to respect my talent and devote more time to it. In the autumn of 2014, I consumed a lot of art. In books, online and on television. I also began to slowly pick up my brushes and easels. Almost like reconnecting with an old childhood friend, and in October i covered the first canvas in years. I do not plan to stop again so keep an eye out. Preferably on Instagram.



Lots of love!

Olof Collvik